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Gold Partner – Zammitti and Gidaly Orthodontics


Our doctors, Dr. Sal Zammitti and Dr. Matthew Gidaly, are specialists in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. They both attended 4-years of dental school just like a general dentist; however, both went on to 2.5-3 years of additional training/education to become orthodontic specialists. They are experts in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of crooked teeth and jaws.

Our practice is unique in that it mainly uses an all-esthetic approach to straighten teeth and correct bites –utilizing Clear Ceramic Braces or Invisalign to give our patients the smiles they deserve! For those who desire a more traditional approach, don’t worry, our doctors can straighten your teeth and correct your bite with metal braces as well!

It is important to note that our practice has been designated by Invisalign as a VIP Elite Premier Provider This means that we are experts in utilizing this orthodontic appliance not only to straighten teeth, but also help you achieve a functional and healthy bites as well!

If you have been told in the past you are not an Invisalign Candidate, please come see us for a second opinion! Virtually everyone is an Invisalign Candidate in our office!